Washington must complete the retirement of its citizens and employees on August 31, said a spokesman for the movement, although I assure that those who have the necessary documents will be able to leave the country even after that period expires.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban * movement, blamed the US for the recent situation at the Kabul airport, when thousands of people rush to leave Afghan territory.

“We regret, we really regret what has happened at the Kabul airport. For our part, we have taken steps to prevent these undesirable events,” he said during an interview with RT.

Mujahid affirmed that ” the responsibility lies with the Americans, ” adding that after the promise of the North American country to evacuate its people, many people arrived at the airport, causing a stampede in which the Americans opened fire and numerous individuals were crushed by the crowd, while others were shot dead. “We have taken a series of measures to correct the situation,” he declared.

In this context, he said that Washington must finalize the evacuation of its nationals and employees on August 31, although he assured that all people who have the necessary documents will be able to leave the country even after that period expires.

The spokesman said his movement controls the situation in the capital and tries to prevent provocations . “We must avoid large concentrations of people, stampedes, so that ordinary people are not injured,” he declared.

Regarding the  focus of anti-Taliban resistance in the mountainous province of Panjshir, the spokesperson said that “it is not a big problem”  and that the Taliban armed forces are in that valley “to keep the situation under control.”

Mujahid also addressed the issue of relations with neighboring countries and reiterated that they should not feel threatened by the Taliban. He also praised Russia’s role in settling the Afghan issue and stated that the Taliban wish to establish “solid, mutually beneficial and fiduciary” diplomatic relations with Moscow.