Women are no longer allowed to play in TV series in Afghanistan. The Taliban have decreed that TV channels are no longer allowed to broadcast series with women. There are also new ‘religious guidelines’ for female journalists, reports the radical Islamic regime.

The Afghan Ministry for “Promoting Virtue and Preventing Sin” introduced the new rules for TV channels. According to the authorities, it is not about rules but about ‘religious guidelines’.

New rules

TV series in which women play a role are out of the question. Sentimental television programs are also no longer allowed to be broadcast.

In addition, new rules apply to female journalists. They must wear a headscarf when appearing on TV. A scarf, which women now often wear on TV, is no longer sufficient.

The channels are also instructed not to broadcast programs that go against ‘Islamic and Afghan values’.

It is the Taliban’s first attempt to get a grip on numerous TV channels. During the previous reign of the regime (from 1996 to 2001), the same ministry was also strict. Television was simply banned then.