Sylvia Geersen is being stalked by her ex-husband and in RTL Boulevard on Friday night the model called in the help of John van den Heuvel to release her from the stalker.


Geersen was married to Rogelio Castro Martinez. Last year she announced that her marriage had been stranded after a year and a few months. According to the top model, there are too many differences between her and Martinez, who lives in Mexico.

Now it turns out that he harasses her through social media and Geersen has gotten a stalker. That is a man who also maintains close contacts with her ex-husband. “I now get screenshots of conversations between the two, I want to call on John van den Heuvel to get rid of this, because I can not do it alone,” says Geersen.

John van den Heuvel is prepared to look at the matter. “The perpetrator lives in Mexico, so filing a declaration in the Netherlands does not make sense, this man is pretty confused and we may be able to call on his environment to help him”, Van den Heuvel responded in the broadcast of RTL Boulevard.


Earlier, Geersen told that her ex mistreated her. On social media he even keeps up the appearance that the two are still together. “One moment I get emails how precious  I am, then he threatens to kill my friend in a movie.And what I find particularly creepy about the movies is the quiet way in which he says that while he is walking with a knife. looks like a horror movie “, she said in Grazia.