The long-running case concerning the murder of Teresa Halbach, the subject of the popular Netflix documentary Making a Murderer, has taken a surprising turn. A prisoner already detained in Wisconsin is said to have known the murder, Newsweek reports.

The man would have done that in conversation with the filmmakers who are currently working on the sequel, entitled Convicting a Murderer. Director Shawn Rech says that over the past 20 months, he and his team “have found an enormous amount of information and evidence that leads us to the truth.”

If the prisoner in question speaks the truth, the main suspect Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey are once again hoping for release. The first season of Making a Murderer released many tongues at the end of 2015. The series is about the bizarre case of Teresa Halbach, who was killed in 2005 in Wisconsin.

Avery was previously imprisoned for rape for eighteen years. After his release, he started a case against the police. Avery and his lawyers suggest that the police set him up. He may have been wrongly convicted for the second time. Dassey was found to be an accessory to the murder. The mentally impaired boy made a confession when he was questioned without the presence of a lawyer or adult. He was 16 years old when this happened and barely understood the confession he made.