Justin Timberlake disappointed many fans yesterday, at the famous half-time Super Bowl 2018. For this 52nd edition, the singer of “Can not Stop the Feeling” would have used too much playback according twittos.

A service not top?

Fourteen years after the nipplegate with Janet Jackson , Justin Timberlake was still talked about at the halftime of the Super Bowl. During this 52nd edition, which took place this Sunday, February 4, 2018 at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, the husband of Jessica Biel has given everything on stage. But for most users, it was not enough because during his choreographies, the artist did … playback!

While the New England Patriots played at the Philadelphia Eagles, it was Justin Timberlake’s performance that was highly commented, and not really good. If many fans support him and find that he is right to assume the playback to be able to dance and offer an exceptional show, the problems of sound and the lack of true singing has enormously embarrassed a large number of spectators.

On the music side, the singer chained the songs, first offering his new track “Filthy” , and then “sang” other older tracks such as “Sexyback”, “Cry Me A River” and “Suit and Tie”.

The twittos clash

On Twitter, it’s an avalanche of criticism to which Justin Timberlake was entitled.





“So Justin Timberlake does oklm playback, he drops two three Ouh Ouh from time to time that’s all” , “Basic stage input and output, few ‘strong’ moments, questionable medley and fairly random live / playback management We were expecting better from Justin Timberlake … “ or ” This year’s half-time show made me uncomfortable, “ they wrote with disappointment.

The only moment of his performance that twittos seem to have appreciated is his tribute to Prince. The one who became dad took over “I Would Die 4 U”, a virtual duo with the native of Minneapolis who died in 2016.