22-year-old Kylie Jenner ( Kylie Jenner) gave fans a mini-lesson in makeup. Instadiva showed , like lipstick.

The younger sister of 39-year-old Kim Kardashian posted a new video on the beauty blog , which leads on Instagram. The youngest billionaire in the world was preparing for the next photo shoot. She was sitting in a white coat and a make-up , while the stylist was putting her hair.

To make her puffy lips visually even bigger , the star used three products of her own brand. At first, Kylie emphasized the shape with a purple pencil , going a little beyond the boundaries of natural lines. Then she applied liquid lipstick and a generous stand of transparent shine , which added volume.

The video delighted Jenner fans. “You are the queen of make-up”, “Chic”, “Just stunning lips”, “Stunning , as always” – fans of the installer did not skimp on compliments.

Kylie shared with followers another video. The day before, she had to go through the procedure for removing wisdom teeth. “That sucks,” the star complained to subscribers. She came to herself , lying on a bed in a room with closed curtains.