Strong girls are a trend.

Fans of the charming Melissa McCarthy, known for comedy roles in the films “Spy” and “Cops in Skirts”, will receive a real gift. Together with Octavia Spencer (“Ma”, “Quick Family”), the actress will play a superhero in the new Netflix film “Thunder Force”. The name of the tape speaks for itself, because the main characters can boast of magnificent forms. Well, all the worse for criminals who decide to stand in their way.

McCarthy and Spencer play ordinary women who suddenly acquire superpowers and realize that they can do something useful for their city. Thunderstorm characters are equipped in the best traditions of superhero outfits. High boots, reliable belts, reinforced shoulders – just push the villain once, and he will be defeated.

The film is directed by McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falkone, who has long proved that he knows a lot about good comedies. Also, the company of actresses will be Pom Klementieff, who is familiar to viewers by the role of the alien Mantis in the film “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”.

Filming takes place in Atlanta, and any additional information about it has not yet been disclosed.