Steven Spielberg wants to tackle a monument of the musical by taking the classic West Side Story. A casting has just been launched.

While his latest film, Pentagon Papers, appears in many film awards ceremonies earlier this year, Steven Spielberg does not intend to rest on his laurels and is already working on a new project!

A casting has indeed been launched as found on the site Showbiz411, a website led by the film critic Roger Friedman, to complete the list of actors and extras of the next feature film of the American filmmaker.

Steven Spielberg would like to make a remake of the classic of the musical, West Side Story. It would be an old dream of the 71-year-old filmmaker.

Four roles would be particularly scrutinized at this moment: those of the main characters Maria, Tony, Bernardo and Anita. The requirements are obviously high to obtain one of these roles since the technical team of the film, already constituted, would look for good singers, also able to speak Spanish.

Inspired by William Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story is set in the New York neighborhood of the Upper West Side in the mid-1950s, where two clans, the Jets and the Sharks, oppose each other. A love story between a member of the Jets and the Sharks boss’s sister is going to add a little more to the affair.

Initially launched on Broadway, the film version was released in 1961.