Valve’s Stream Summer Sales 2016 is on the verge to start and this would surely going to bring fans floods to get big games for very cheap prices.

There were lots of speculation on the internet regarding the exact start date of Steam Summer sale when steam will drop the prices down. Many of the net gamers took this questions to the different types of online platforms to get the exact date.

But now this has been confirmed by many mediums that Steam Summer sale will begin on Thursday, June 23 and its going to last till July 4. Steam Summer sale is going to start y 9:45 p.m Pacific Time on June 23 and will end by 10:00 a.m. on July 4.

PayPal UK last week confirmed that “It’s official: the @Steam_games sale starts 23rd June,”.
This was also tweeted by PayPal UK and this produced a lot of fans into frenzy.
According to different reports say that there will be many games available on the discounted prices and some claims say that “Watch Dogs,”, “The Evil Within”, “Infamous: Second Son,”, “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture” and “Watch Dogs,” and Resident Evil HD remaster,” could be available on discounted prices.

The gamers who missed out “Watch Dogs” in 2014 for them this is going to be best bargain to have it in their hands. Watch Dogs was scored highly by critics, Metacrtic gave it an 80% score on the other hand 3.9/5 score was given b Google play.

So gamers hurry up good luck for the Steam Summer Sale.