While the flames continue to devastate California, celebrities – affected by fires or not – have decided to roll up their sleeves. No more question of just praying for the victims (at least thirty dead for the moment).  Kris Jenner called for donations to help firefighters on the front line trying to contain the fire.


“Let’s take care of our guys. Thank you to all the men and women who are fighting the fire and risking their lives, “she tweeted, sharing a list of food and essential supplies.

Lady Gaga and Alyssa Milano, both evacuated from their homes, have called for a donation to the California Fire Foundation, which supports firefighters’ families who have died on the ground.




This Saturday, in a tweet, Donald Trump gave a very simple explanation for these fires of a rare intensity. According to him, the “Camp Fire” (nickname given by the press to this series of giant fires) is due to poor management of forests by the Californian state, led by the Democrats.


A response deemed “uninformed, untimely and humiliating” for all those suffering from it, according to the California fire fighters’ union, which once again drew the wrath of a number of celebrities.


“A heartless reaction. We should not talk politics, “said Katy Perry. Leonardo DiCaprio recalled that the entire scientific community agreed on the real reason for the resurgence of these giant fires.


“The reason these fires have gotten worse is global warming and historic drought. Helping the victims and efforts to fight the fire should not be a partisan issue, “he said.

According to the authorities, it will still take at least three weeks to extinguish the fire.