Ah yes say, we almost forgot that in two months there is a little author film that no one has ever heard that will come out in two-three neighborhood halls. Star Wars that’s called. And as we encourage independent cinema, we talk about it to give it a chance.

What are we laughing anyway …. No, but more seriously, it’s mostly to hide our excitement because we have already spoken a lot about the Last Jedi , which will be on the screens on the 13th next December, and we know that this is just the beginning. Wait until Justice League is out and you’ll see, we’ll have a blast.

We would tend to find this rather normal given the scale of the thing, and the economic stakes behind it, even if we are convinced that the film is already winning when we see the very high scores of the last episodes of the saga of the stars. . So we are not really worried. But this is not a reason not to talk about it eh, should not see too much to do his slipper. Because there are still things to catch up with. Already, try to make believe that this Episode VIII will be the real true vision of its director, Rian Johnson , and not that of Disney or Lucasfilm. Because between the reassembly of Rogue One and what happened on Han Solo, it was starting to see that the directors were only technicians like the others.

Then, we must also highlight the dream side of me that is realized to reassure the worried viewer that the Last Jedi will not be a hidden remake of the Empire Counter-Attack , as was the Le Réveil of the Force  vis – à – vis New Hope . And what better way than to lay a little making-of promotional good, totally dedicated to this visionary Rian Johnson? By the way everyone says it in the video, even  Carrie Fisher (oh bastards, they dared): This Star Wars is his Star Wars ,  promised, sworn, spit.

And the worst part of all this is that we almost want to believe them. We really have no personality, it’s not possible ….