He died on New Year’s Day.

American actor Jon Paul Steuer, aka Alexander Rozhenko in Star Trek: The Next Generation, died at age 33, reports Willamette Week. The cause of his death remains undetermined for the time being.

Jon Paul Steuer, from California, started in show business at just 3 years old. He landed on the small screen in 1989 with a role in Day by Day but in 1990 he won a role in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Following this, he will play in two other series as well as in the telefilm When Love Kills: The Seduction of John Hearnand for three years in a series unknown in France, Grace Under Fire. At the end of this series, he will leave the world of comedy. In the 1990s, he played twice at the cinema, in Late for diner and in Little Giants.

After moving to Colorado, he will bounce back into music. He will be part of the Kill City Thrillers group and Jonny P. Jewels. His last group will be named PROBLEMS

Two years ago, it was in the restaurant business that he started in Portland.