A second season of the Netflix hit Squid Game is officially coming , director Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed in an interview with AP on Tuesday .


It will be a while before the second season is here, Dong-hyuk warns. “The season is now in my head, I’m working on it. But it’s too early to say when and how it will happen,” said the director. He does confirm that lead actor Lee Jung-jae (Gi-Hun) will return in the second series.

Seen by more than 100 million subscribers according to Netflix, Squid Game is about a society in which a mysterious organization recruits people in debt to compete for $38 million in a series of seemingly childish games. Most of these players are brutally killed.

Since its September premiere, Squid Game has been the most-streamed series in more than 90 countries, the streaming service reports. In the United States, Squid Game took the top spot for 21 days in a row, a record for a non-English-language series.