Spencer director’s phone call with Kristen Stewart was enough for lead role

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Director Pablo Larraín only needed one phone call with actress Kristen Stewart to cast her as Princess Diana in the movie Spencer , he tells BuzzFeed .


“It was just a simple conversation,” the filmmaker says about the phone call in which he asked Stewart (seen in the photo as Diana) for the role.

“I told her I was going to make this film and asked if she’d like to play Diana. With her perfect American accent, she said, ‘Sure, I’ll do it,'” said Larraín. “I thought she was very fearless and confident. I got the idea that she really wanted this and felt like I had to make this film.” The director does not say whether the actress also had to audition before or after the telephone conversation.

The film Spencer is set in 1991, when Diana decides with the British royal family at the Sandringham estate during the holiday season that her marriage to Prince Charles is not working. Spencer , as Diana’s last name is, will be in Dutch cinemas from 5 November. Larraín previously made Jackie , a film about the life of Jackie Kennedy.

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