SpaceX hopes to colonize Mars by 2024. But before sending humans to the red planet (for a one-way likely), Elon Musk’s aerospace company will be testing the ground two years earlier.

At the International Astronautical Congress held in Australia, the American firm explained that it plans two cargo missions on the red star by 2022 . And he plans to use his new BFR launcher (for “Big Fucking Rocket” if you ask yourself).

The objective of these missions is more particularly to prepare the ground for the future Marist settlers. Robots will have the task of detecting potential threats to humans but also possible traces of water. SpaceX is also planning to install a mining area and various infrastructure for settler survival. In short, he has planned everything.

Eventually, the first spacemen will arrive on board two interplanetary ships – and in magnificent combinations – current 2024. Their equipment and provisions will be sent on Mars before they arrive, again aboard two cargo ships, to lighten them.

Finally, all of this implies that there is no delay in Elon Musk’s plans. And unfortunately nothing is less certain, the technology that will send the Man on Mars is far from being finalized. So these forecasts remain in the domain of science fiction … for the moment.