Southern California was rocked by an earthquake on Friday at about 1:05 a.m PT. It was 5.2 magnitude on rector scale and roused the residents out of bed.

The epicenter of the earthquake was centered about 12 miles in the northwest near Borrego Springs present in the desert east of Los Angeles. According to the U.S Geological Service report the earthquake was rated initially rated at 5.1 and then it was upgraded to 5.2. The long last shaking of 30 seconds was created by the earthquake and motion was felt about 100 miles from the epicenter.


According to a tweet from a Seismologist Lucy Jones that the earth quake struck on the San Jacinto fault line, which is one of the most active region.
According to her tweet the same fault line produced an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 in 1937 and also 5.3 quake in 1980.

Dr. Lucy Jones Tips how to survive earthquake

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