Who said that pop divas had to live in conflict?

She announced it yesterday and today She has fulfilled it: Lady Gaga  has withdrawn from all the streaming platforms, as well as the stores that sell digital music, her song  Do What U Want (With My Body), included in the album ARTPOP published in 2013. The reason? That the rapper  R Kelly,  who appeared collaborating on this issue, does not take back a dollar in copyright at his expense, especially now that a documentary has confirmed the sexual abuse that the artist committed in the past and the ones he carried suspicious time. 

So much so that even then, a few months after having released that record, Gaga decided not to bring to light the videoclip they had recorded together to promote the song. Instead, She called  Christina Aguilera  to re-record her and, incidentally, to accompany him on stage the few times he has played her.

A totally feminine version that now the fans have just returned to brew in the sales lists  and that solves forever the other big problem that this decision entailed: if Gaga eliminated the song forever from its catalog, the  little monsters would  be left without one of the great songs of his diva.

And so happy is Christina Aguilera with this resurrection of the duo that she has also decided to also break her silence for, although it costs her to lose followers in social networks as has already happened to Cara Delevingne ,  show her unconditional support to Lady Gaga for having eliminated the original version of the song in a stroke.

“This is an example of women staying together and not leaving a man who takes over a great song and a great moment.  If something has to be remembered from the message that this song releases, it is that even though you can have my body, you will never have my heart, my voice, my life or my mind, “Aguilera wrote on Twitter.

“Having also been a victim of this type of predators in the past, I felt very identified with the lyrics of the song, so I decided to record it.  I want to show all my support to the survivors of cases of sexual abuse and domestic violence, which have a special place in my heart, “he said in another message.

“But above all, I want to thank you, Lady Gaga, for having made the right decision.”