If your father is Arnold Scharzenegger, you have great footsteps to intervene. Son Joseph Baena tries it and does not do it that bad.

Just like father Arnie, Joseph can often be found in the gym. He tries hard to surpass the muscle mass of his father. After all, you have to be something like the son of the Terminator.

To really imitate his father, he made a picture that looks exactly like Schwarzenegger senior when he was 21 years old. That is already 43 years ago. He takes a special pose in gray pants. Fortunately, the fashion has changed a bit and we do not all walk in balls in the gym, as senior did.

Joseph has another surname, because he is the son of adventures between Arnie and his former cleaner Mildred Baena. Incidentally, his other son (Patrick Schwarzenegger) also has ambitions in Hollywood. He does his best to break through. Nevertheless, he follows another step. He prefers to shine in romantic films than in action films.

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Just a lil thicc

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