Snapchat, who had tried his luck with Spectacles glasses, had not had the expected success, but had not given up and had decided to offer a second version of these glasses connected.

You probably remember the Spectacles, first of the name. These connected glasses designed by Snapchat to allow you to publish short videos on the social network. Despite the initial buzz, they had a very mixed sales success at the time of the release two years ago. Result? The company was left with many copies on the arm and a big drop in confidence.

More Features for Snapchat Show Glasses

This did not deter Snapchat, which had already introduced a new model last month. Bis repetita, this year with two new devices on the program, the Niko and Veronica. A first model designed for men in the style Rayban Wayfarer and the other that seems rather imagined for women.

So what to expect? The idea is always the same. Hang photos or videos and post them on Snapchat or save them to your smartphone with a Bluetooth connection. “Capture your point of view at the touch of a button,” says Snapchat on its website. The arrival of the first V2 in April would have increased the use of 40%.

A timing problem for the launch?

What differences? Both models are equipped with polarized lenses and above all are completely waterproof. The technical difference is currently rather weak and therefore does not necessarily justify the investment. The bonus is really on the side of the look that is a bit more elegant and therefore allows users to conceal that they are wearing shows. A “go-anywhere” look that could help seduce potential consumers. You can also customize them if you need adapted glasses.

However, we can question the relevance of launching sunglasses while summer is ending. It’s hard to believe that a lot of customers are going to spend $ 175 for an accessory that they can use a month before waiting for next summer …