The rap singer called Mister Pips her “wild child.”

American singer Kesha Rose Sebert decided to take advantage of the sunny day to walk one of her four-legged pets. She put her beloved cat, Mister Pips, in a special stroller for pets and walked down the street near her house.

The vehicle for Mr. Pipps resembled a baby carriage of pale lilac color. In it, he was protected from the sun and wind with a dense fabric, and through a black mesh insert he could observe the surrounding landscape.

The video, which captured the walk of the rap singer with her furry pet, she posted on her Instagram profile. In a commentary under the video, Kesha told fans that her “wild child” loves to spend time in her stroller.

Recall that the singer’s favorite cat became very popular and even hit the pages of newspapers on International Cat Day in 2019. Then he won the title of “Cat of the Universe”, beating cats belonging to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and other celebrities.

And Kesha with his pets not only walks on the street, but also flies on airplanes. Once the paparazzi “caught” the artist in the frame at the Los Angeles airport. In her hands she was holding a cute gray cat with tassels on her ears, like a lynx.