It is the most beautiful day of Ellie Gouldings (32) life. The singer got married to Caspar Jopling, according to photos on Instagram.

Ellie and Caspar got married! The couple said yes to each other in York Minister in England and a handful of familiar faces were present. Among others Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Sienna Miller, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice and Sarah Ferguson saw how the couple promised each other to remain true to each other. According to sources from E! News Princess Eugenie was behind the meeting of the two. 

Caspar already stated his love for Ellie on Instagram. “I can spend the rest of my life with an extraordinary and beautiful, beautiful person,” he said. “No one has ever made me feel so full of life, knowledge, happiness or love. Hope, passion, self-assurance and even more love.” But it didn’t stop there. “I look forward to discovering the world together all my life, howling with laughter at stupid jokes, talking about art, music, the world and the future until early in the morning.” Ellie previously revealed that her boyfriend asked her to marry him while laying a puzzle. “It was pretty romantic in one way or another,” the singer explains.

Many famous people are guests on Saturday at the wedding of the British singer Ellie Goulding (32). Katy Perry and her fiancée Orlando Bloom and comedian Jimmy Carr, among others, were photographed in York, where the wedding takes place.

Here are some of th Photographs from Ellie Goulding Wedding.