Selma Blair is our inspiration of the day!

The famous actress has just completed a very intense treatment to fight against the multiple sclerosis of which she is affected. 

During her hospital stay, the star of Cruel Intentions began to lose her hair. She asked her beloved son, the young Arthur , to help him shave his head. 

Selma Blair shared a photo of this moment filled with emotions today on Facebook: 

The actress added that her son was celebrating his birthday on July 25th.

She must unfortunately remain isolated because of the powerful treatment she has received and will not be able to hug him on this very special day. 

The beautiful American then revealed her shaved head: 

She is beautiful and strong!

With the photo, Selma Blair said that she “can not wait to share her battle with her fans when she is ready ” and that for now, she ” needs to get back on her feet “.