While the Switch continues week after week to be a success more than total, the Kyoto firm is already working on the creation of its future machine.

Present at the ceremony of the 2018 BAFTA Games Awards held in the famous London concert hall Troxy, the director of the Entertainment Planning & Development division of Nintendo, namely Shinya Takahashi, has seen two productions (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Japan’s Super Mario Odyssey) win three awards (“Best Game Design”, “Best Family Game”, “Most Innovative Game”). Beyond this performance, the Nintendo egg gave an interview to the BBC to speak about the future of the Japanese brand.

While Shinya Takahashi is obviously delighted with the success of the Nintendo Switch, the producer of many titles of the Kyoto firm has also indicated that a team is already working on a new console for several months now: ” Nintendo works permanently on the hardware that which means that we have done research and development. You may discover the new system in the near future. ” Should we expect a new model of the Nintendo Switch as rumors suggest or is it a real new machine … First element of response by E3 2018.

Nintendo files patent on separate screens that can interact and communicate

Digital Trends recently unveiled a new Nintendo patent featuring a gaming system with “multiple information-processing devices that are able to communicate with each other”. Applications related to virtual reality or augmented reality could also benefit from this concept. Specifically, this patent shows two screens that can be side by side physically or a little apart, while being able to exchange information (in the context of the example, it is a ball that moves in passing of ‘one screen to another’, a bit like the Wii U with its ‘mablette’ and a TV screen.