Shia LaBeouf, who was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence of one year last year, regrets his misconduct that led to his arrest.


“My outbursts are also my faults,” says the 31-year-old  Transformers actor in conversation with Esquire magazine.

“I have to face those failures and take responsibility for the misery I have caused.”

In July, the actor, who was drunk at the time, asked an unknown person for a cigarette. When he did not get this he started cursing by bystanders. He was then asked to leave, but did not respond and became aggressive against an agent. Then the agent wanted to arrest LaBeouf. That failed because the actor ran away to a hotel. He could still be arrested there.


The judge ruled that the actor had to pay a fine and work on his alcohol abuse. He also received a conditional prison sentence of one year. In addition, he had to be in therapy for aggressive behavior.

According to the actor, it takes a while before he can take his acting again seriously and he must first work on himself.

“I try to stay creative and learn from my mistakes, for a long time I have thought that life was subject to art, and then you realize that you can not be creative without living in it. “, according to the actor who recently appeared as tennis player John McEnroe in  Borg / McEnroe .