Sharon Osbourne will definitely no longer be seen in the talk show The Talk . Broadcaster CBS announced in a statement on Friday that the presenter herself has made that choice, Deadline writes . Osbourne was accused of making racist statements.

The 68-year-old presenter was discredited early this month by a discussion with her colleague Sheryl Underwood. In the discussion, Osbourne defended Piers Morgan. He left the Good Morning Britain program after questioning Meghan Markle’s statements about suicidal thoughts.

Underwood asked Osbourne on the air what people should think she seemed to approve of statements labeled as racist.

After the broadcast, there was immediately a lot of commotion. Osbourne decided to apologize via social media shortly afterwards.

Statistics Netherlands has now also completed an investigation into the rulings. During that investigation, the talk show was removed from the tube . “We concluded that Osbourne’s behavior towards her fellow presenters is not in line with our values ​​for a respectful work environment. We also found no evidence that the discussion was staged.”

CBS continues, “We also recognize that we as a network are accountable for what happened, as it is clear that we have not properly prepared the presenters for a complex and sensitive discussion regarding race.”

Osbourne appeared on The Talk for eleven seasons and was the show’s passing presenter. The talk show returns to American television on April 12, without Osbourne.