A 65-year-old man lost his life following a shark attack near the Maui coast in the Hawaiian archipelago, reports The Guardian.

Attacked by a shark as he swam along the Hawaiian coast of Maui, a 65-year-old Californian died on May 25, reports The Guardian.

According to the latter, rescuers have tried to resuscitate the bather, but without success. The surrounding beach has been closed to the public.

When this attack happened the man from California aged 65 was swimming in the clear Conditions and he was just 60 yards from the cost of Maui. This incident happened on Saturday morning.

Immediate help was sent by the Cpunty of Mau Dept. of fire and Public Safety via helicopter and Jetski. When the victim was brought to shore he was provided with CPR but he couldn’t survive the wounds and died on the scene.

In January 2019, a diver swimming off Hawaii fell on a shark quietly enjoying his meal. Having come very close to the marine predator, the diver managed to film the macabre feast, as seen in the video .

The last deadly shark attack in Hawaii was four years ago.