Shakira has strongly contradicted before the judge in Madrid that she ‘stole’ a song from a Cuban artist. According to Madrid media, the Colombian singer stated that her song La Bicicleta (De Fiets) is not in the same style and has absolutely nothing to do with Yo Te Quiero Tanto (I love you so much) from Cuban Liván Castellano Valdés.

“My song also has nothing to do with Cuba”=

“My song also has nothing to do with Cuba, but it does have Barranquilla (in Colombia).” The 42-year-old pop star living in Spain raised the song in the courtroom to bring the Colombian music style vielato to the legal spotlight. .

Castellano, with the stage name Liván, states in the court case that parts of ‘De Fiets’ are copies of his song that dates from 1997. In addition to Shakira, he also sues Colombian Carlos Vives Restrepo, with whom Shakira sang the song La Bicicleta in 2016. The song has now been clicked 1.3 billion times on YouTube.

The pop singer lives with Barcelona and has even more problems in courtrooms. A case occurs in June in which she is accused of evading around € 14.5 million in tax in the years 2012-2014.