Shakira is at the head of a small fortune, which could melt like snow in the sun because of the Spanish tax authorities.

Let it be said, people are often very up in the air when it comes to managing their fortune. By dint of making millions, they often forget that they can not buy everything that goes through their heads, like Johnny Depp, but also to declare their income. Shakira, for example, is very annoyed. The Spanish tax authorities have threatened the Colombian singer to sue her for tax evasion.

 According to the daily Barcelona’s La Vanguardia, the partner of Gerard Pique forgot to mention “several million euros”. On the side of the clan of the star, we defend ourselves by explaining that it is “a difference of criteria, not tax dissimulation. ” The case remains, after the revelations of the Paradise Papers, which already accused the singer of having hidden tens of millions of euros in tax havens.

This time, the interpreter of Whenever, Wherever intends to rectify the situation regarding the “technical dispute”. The subject of the dispute is due to the number of days spent by the Colombian star in Spain between 2011 and 2014. If during this period, Shakira drew the majority of his income from his tours abroad, she would have stayed more than 183 days in the home country of her husband. A critical threshold that should have forced him to declare his tax residence in Spain. The singer risks criminal prosecution and is liable to two years in prison.