Cynthia Nixon throws shade on Cuomo by saying “I still have Mine”.

Cynthia Nixon Sta of Sex and the City threw a Shade on Adnrew Cuomo by tweeting on social media after the New York’s Former Governor was stripped of his Special Emmy Award due to scandal.

Cynthia Nixon moking and making jokes to her former politcal opponent, ex-Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo.

This dig was taken by Cynthia Nixon on twitter on Tuesday after the decision was announced by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to rescind the Special Emmy Award which was given to Andrew last year for his daily Covid-19 briefings.

The tweet by Cynthia Nixon said “The difference between me and Andrew Cuomo? Neither of us is governor, but I still have my Emmy(s),”

Andrew Stripped of his Emmy few hours after he left office midnight on Tuesday. Two weeks back he announced his resignation.

As per the statement by the International Academy “”that in light of the New York Attorney General’s report, and Andrew Cuomo’s subsequent resignation as Governor, it is rescinding his special 2020 International Emmy Award. His name and any reference to his receiving the award will be eliminated from International Academy materials going forward.”