Pilots have seen flying objects in the Irish airspace on Friday that they could not identify. The Irish aviation authorities take the reports so seriously that they will investigate these UFOs.

A pilot of a British Airways flight from Montreal to London was the first to report a UFO. She first asked the air traffic control at Shannon airport whether there was a military exercise, but that did not seem to be the case.

Very bright light

Then she reported seeing a ‘very bright light’ and an object that flew to the left of her plane and then quickly disappeared to the north.

Other pilots also reported reports of fast-moving flying objects. A Virgin pilot suggested that it was a meteor or another space body. He said that ‘ several objects ‘ followed the same job, reports the BBC.

Lightning fast

A third pilot was talking about an object that came at lightning speed with a speed of ‘Mach 2’, twice the speed of the sound.

The Irish aviation authority IAA says that it has made a report of the reports and that it will investigate these confidentially.