Film producer Le Boxeur Films is making a drama series about atomic espionage in the Netherlands by Abdul Qadeer Khan, who died on Saturday . The title of the series about the ‘father of the Pakistani nuclear bomb’ is called The man who stole the bomb .

The series tells the story of Khan, a scientist who worked on uranium enrichment for a Dutch-British-German consortium in Almelo in the 1970s and became a spy on his own initiative. The man eventually built Pakistan’s first nuclear bomb and sold the knowledge to anyone who paid, including North Korea and Iran.

Last year it was already announced that Le Boxeur Films had acquired the exclusive filming rights to the life story of the whistleblower in the espionage issue Khan, Frits Veerman who died earlier this year. The script has now been completed and producer Joris van Wijk van Le Boxeur is in talks with broadcasters and streamers at home and abroad for financing.

According to producer Van Wijk, The man who stole the bomb has “combined the tension and intrigue of a Le Carré story, with the fascinating characters as in Breaking Bad and The Americans “. Van Wijk previously worked on Zwartboek , Banker of the Resistance and the international series Heirs of the Night .