Serena Williams has asked her fans for help to help her daughter.

The new life of Serena Williams’s mom is obviously not the easiest!

The tennis champion asked her followers “for help ” on Instagram after mentioning the delicate moments lived by her little girl Alexis, who is now three months old and whose teeth are growing, which obviously does not lack to make her cry.

The teeth – aka the demon – are very difficult,” said Serena Williams, accompanying a picture on which she can be seen comforting little Alexis.

” Poor Alexis Olympia feels so bad, she’s crying so much (she never cries) that I had to hold her until she fell asleep, ” the singer put in context. ” I tried amber beads … cold towels … chew on mom’s fingers … homeopathy … but nothing works, ” she explained to justify her appeal for help, adding in the end message that it ” broke his heart “.


Serena Williams was able to measure her popularity and the compassion of her subscribers who were numerous to answer him. The sportswoman has also got in the habit of asking advice from Internet users since she had already wondered about the opportune moment to stop breastfeeding her child.

Being a mother, that can be learned!