26-year-old American singer became the owner of the most popular profile on Instagram………

Selena became the champion in the number of likes on Instagram from real users. The study was conducted by the analytical platform Hype Auditor, which is engaged in statistics of celebrity audiences and analyzes the number of likes from bots and real users of the social network. According to the study, each photo of Selena is gaining an average of 4.6 million likes. At the same time, Selena is not a champion in the number of subscribers (152 million) – she is following Cristiano Ronaldo (170 million) and Ariana Grande (157 million).

“The statistics also show that the majority of its subscribers – 14% – live in India and that 58% are women,” the British edition of The Sun reports.

On the second line of the rating – 21-year-old Kylie Jenner – she has 137 million subscribers, and each of her posts gains about 3.6 million likes.