Evidenced by her lupus and her treatment, Selena Gomez seems to be suffering from the negative effects of the disease. And this video of the singer quickly worried her fans.

After Fetish, Selena Gomez returns in force in music with Marshmello. This is news that did not fail to please the Selenators. But while Selly is about to make a comeback, her fans are still worried about her health. While the singer was a live  Instagram on the account of Coach brand, it did not go unnoticed. For good reason, many people who quickly noticed the few holes she had in her hair. Decided to show their support for Selena Gomez, fans quickly mobilized by creating the hashtag #WeSupportYouSelena on Twitter. An adorable way to prove to the artist that his fanbase is present for her. But that fans are reassuring, the pretty brunette is stronger than we believe and never stops to surprise us. The evidence, Selena Gomez has recently played femme fatale on new Revival photos and she is as sublime as sexy. Worried for Selly?