Singer Selena Gomez (26) has been admitted to the hospital twice in the last few weeks, the last time she suffered a mental breakdown. 

As a result, she is now admitted to a clinic where she receives psychological help, reports TMZ.

Gomez was transferred to the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles at the end of September after it appeared that she had too few white blood cells in her body, which could endanger her kidney transplant she underwent last year. When she was allowed to go home a few days later, the number of blood cells remained too low, which led to the singer becoming particularly emotional.


According to sources, Gomez would have completely failed, also trying to remove infusions from her arm, and she was soon admitted to a psychiatric clinic where she undergoes dialectical behavioral therapy. She also received this treatment in the past.

Gomez announced on September 23 to take a break in social media. In her message, she wrote that “negative messages can hurt someone a lot”. What she meant exactly is not clear, although Gomez got a lot of negativity when it became known that her ex Justin Bieber had engaged to Hailey Baldwin.