The singer, Selena Gomez and her three friends are making permanent friendship.

The hit singer ‘Wolves’ announced on Instagram that four friends joined in to enjoy a festive birthday dinner.

Gomez was all smiling at her photographs, which were added to Instagram in a group of three slides. In “Part 2,” the star described what it means to number “4”.

“These women have been with me for 7 years,” she wrote, I love you very much, all inspire me to be better, stronger, closer to God, and have lived the happiest story together, “he says Gomez.

Selena also comforted one of her friends who had a panic attack when she was tattooing.

The singer was there to morally support him and offer him a hug when needed.

Gomez has lived her best life this summer and has talked about what she has been up to an Instagram live session.

She explained that she was working on new materials. “I can not wait for you to hear it,” she said in the video. “I want my music.”

The singer seems to be enjoying her daily life without her former boyfriend Justin Bieber, who turned to Hailey Baldwin in July.