Movies and TV shows about magicians and miracles are invariably popular with viewers, and the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place” was no exception. It seems that if the final decision to reboot the series were made by the main roles of David Henry and Selena Gomez, then in the near future the fans would again plunge into a magical story.

In a recent interview with Access, the actor admitted that he and Selena had discussed the likelihood of a rebut more than once.

Nothing really happened yet, but there is a lot of talk about it,

– said David. He stressed that this is not about official negotiations – the actors allegedly fantasized about a reset for the sake of entertainment.

Henry believes that only time will tell if the show manages to make a comeback, and yet he already has a good plot idea.

Our show was special because we were a family, family relationships were one. I think it would be great to show the opposite version, that is, to start the show with the family splitting up,

– said the actor.

He added that each character would definitely have a job: for example, Justin (Henry) would go about his business at Wiz Tech, and Alex (Gomez) would be carried away by fashion.

When everyone goes about their own business, it’s easy to forget how to be family and that would be a great starting point for the show.

– David shared his thoughts.

Recall, on August 28, the online premiere of Henry’s directorial work This is the Year, a comedy youth film, executive produced by Gomez, will take place.