Fire Caused the Collapse of Portion of interstate highway bridge in Atlanta

According to Reuters a interstate 85 bridge in Atlanta collapsed due to heavy fire under it. Black smoke could be seen from far due to heavy fire which caused the bridge to collapsed.
Due to bridge collapse traffic got stuck for many miles, till now no casualties has been reported.
According to statement by Republican Georgia Governor Nathan Deal “”We are trying to assess the damage and determine how quick we can repair it,”.

Residents of the area told that due to black smoke they thought that some type of strom was coming or sun has risen earlier as the fire started at 6 p.m.

The section collapsed and caused a fireball at 7:30 p.m. Dozens of firefighters fought it extinguish the fire.


Vehicles on the highway are still stuck on the road and state of emergency has been declared for Fulton country, which includes much are of Atlanta.
Governement offices time was change to open at 10.a.m

Atlanta Police Dept. Sergeant Warren pickard talked to news conference and requested | “We cannot have any more traffic on the highway,We need everyone to stay put and not travel at this time. We need the roads clear for emergency vehicles.”

Atlanta International Airport were brought to help and they sprayed foam typically used for airplanes fires.