One of the stars of the American Pite will arrive in the third season.

FOX’s current press conference revealed that the third season of the Deadly Weapon Series will arrive, but the unveiling of the new season still had a twist because Clayne Crawford had been forced to resign from one part of the famous duo due to his disruptive attitudes. There will be none other than Seann William Scott, who is mainly acquainted with the American Pite film series.

Earlier, we were just rumored to announce the news that the two actors in the series, the dispute between Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford, the Murtaugh, threatened the series. Now we know that such a big deal is the debate between the two actors, which seriously jeopardized the future of the series, and it was probably a clear decision that Crawford’s work-based, poisonous mood. Anyway, for the third season, the series will have a new impetus on Scott’s arrival, even if after two seasons it will be difficult to adapt to the fan club, to change the role.

So it will be easier to adapt to the new character that Scott will not be in the role of Riggs formed by Crawford, but will be a brand new character who will partner with Waytax’s Murtaugh. From this point of view, the third season will certainly be a water divider for the film series.

What do you think about the change of actors?