A first DLC to try to fill a game that lacks content.

Developed by Rare, Sea of Thieves had everything to become a hit. This exclusivity reserved for Microsoft showed a tantalizing concept and a careful artistic direction. Only here: despite the millions invested in marketing, the presence of many players at launch and other promises, most pirates desert. Blame it on repetitive gameplay and lack of content. Fortunately, Microsoft has decided to offer these disappointed pirates 6 free DLC to enrich a game that would be a shame to see die today. And this is the first of these bonus content, The Hungering Deep, which is revealed today on the Twitter account XBox.

A first DLC to complete a game lacking content


It’s on Twitter that XBox decided to present a first video to present this tantalizing DLC: The Hungering Deep. Fortunately, it will be free to enrich the content of Sea of Thieves. A gratuity that is almost a feat when we know that many publishers to pay players for additions in the game. Note that after The Hungering Deep, five other DLC will be proposed for six in all.

This DLC should allow players, tired of the same enemies and meetings, to face new events and see the gameplay reinvented. The video seems to present a new threat to which will face a rather large new threat. For now, this first video is very evasive but no doubt that the nerves of pirates will be put to the test.

The Hungering Deep will be unveiled on May 29, in just over a week.