Holland was selected for his energetic, realistic and cohesive acting.

Now it’s hard to imagine that Spider-Man in the MCU was played not by Tom Holland, but by someone else. But at one time, Holland had to withstand serious competition in order to get the role of Peter Parker. Archival footage of Holland’s auditions has now become available on the Web, which the actor sent to the Marvel Studios office in the hope of joining the Avengers. As a reminder, Holland made his debut as Spider-Man in the 2016 film Captain America: Civil War

Every time you need to choose an actor for such a major role as Spider-Man, you have to deal with a huge number of applicants. [Marvel Studios Casting Director] Sarah Finn and her team have watched over 7,500 videos,

Says Spider-Man: Homecoming executive producer Eric Carroll.

Marvel bosses add that there were many talented actors among the candidates, but it was Holland who seemed special to them. As it became clear over time, the professional instinct did not disappoint, because Holland immediately organically blended into the stellar cast of The Avengers, led by Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans. Subsequently, Holland’s Peter Parker received two solo films that became box office hits. Filming for Spider-Man 3 is due to begin soon. The release of the picture is scheduled for December 2022.