Sarah Gilbert, a scientist leading the efforts to develop the University of Oxford vaccine against the Corona virus, said the science team observed a “desired immune response” during tests that entered its third stage.

Speaking to parliament today, Wednesday, Gilbert, who teaches vaccines at the university, said that 8,000 volunteers took the AZD1222 vaccine that was licensed to AstraZeneca in the third stage of the tests.

She added that she will not provide a specific date when the vaccine will be ready, indicating that this depends on the results of the tests.

The World Health Organization has reported that the British company AstraZeneca vaccine, the candidate for coronavirus, is “probably” the leading and most advanced vaccine in the world today.

The chief scientist of the organization, Sumaya Swaminathan, explained that the Moderna vaccine is also a candidate, adding that it is “not far” from the stage of progress achieved by the AstraZeneca vaccine.