Scarlett Johansson, 34, became a guest at the Women in Hollywood Award. The actress surprised those present with bold makeup.

In Los Angeles, held the annual celebration of women’s achievements in Hollywood. Traditionally this evening honoring those women , whose contribution was the most significant in the field of cinema. This year, most actresses came to the gala evening in black dresses. Thus, they opposed sexual harassment and harassment of women in the film industry.

Scarlett Johansson for a social event, too, chose the total black look – she wore a dark form-fitting dress , consisting of a stamp corduroy and stretch skirt. The main focus of the image was the bright makeup of the star. With the help of a brilliant shimmer, the actress made “ fiery” arrows , and her lips were painted with a bright shine. Finely matched jewelry, large earrings with a pink stone, completed the “ militant” look.

Fans were delighted with the unexpected make-up of the actress. Many praised her for her courage. “Scarlett has always been able to express herself in a non-standard way. I have no idea , that must mean this makeup , but from it is impossible to look away, “” It’s just a luxury! Cool way to dilute the classic black color, “” appears , Johansson likes to experiment with your appearance. Is a new beauty blogger on the way? And , if it is serious , then I like it because , it is so unusual, “- commented they are.

In late August, Johansson was officially named the highest paid actress in Hollywood. The main source of income was her participation in the films ” Avengers”.

During the Venice Film Festival, Scarlett violated the unspoken rule of the event. Stylists warn , that you should not go on the red carpet in a dress of the same color.

At the Toronto festival, the actress admitted fashion embarrassment. Many fashion experts agreed , Scarlett in the glamorous attire ” has lost a breast.”