Sarah Paulson

American actress Sarah Paulson is worried that the Hollywood world will consider her too old when she reaches the age of 45.

arah Paulson is one of the most popular actresses of the moment, having appeared several times in the American Horror Story series and in films such as “The Goldfinch”, “Bird Box” and “Ocean’s 8”. Despite her popularity, the 43-year-old actress is afraid of being a victim of her age in a few years. “I’m absolutely terrified if someone says to me, ” You’re 45 years old. Bye-bye “I hope that I will never be told to go back to bed,” she told Ellemagazine, ” I still have a lot to do and say, but there is the idea that women Disintegrate after age 45. Hollywood has perpetuated this by not highlighting women beyond a certain age. “

During her interview, the American actress also stressed the importance of equal representation in movies and on television. She hopes that, thanks to her work on Ryan Murphy’s series, she will be able to show that women do not want to push men to the exit but simply to be valued. “It’s a bit of an anomaly to have found my voice through this particular man. But it’s also a way to show that it can happen. You do not need to push a genre aside to find your place. “


In addition, Sarah Paulson spoke about her personal life and her relationship with the 75-year-old actress Holland Taylor, with whom she has been dating since early 2015. She explained that she was very fulfilled in her life: “I have no children, I am not married. But I have many people with whom I am close, my nephews and nieces, and a wonderful circle of friends, “added the star.