Although the two have been arguing more or less openly for ages, Sarah Jessica Parker does not see it coming to a third Sex And The City film without Kim Cattrall. She told a fan on Instagram.

“I don’t know if I can imagine making another film without her”

A follower wrote under a post from Sarah Jessica: “You are still my hero. Please write Kim / Samantha out if she is not interested and make Sex And The City movie 3. The fans need this.” The actress replied: “I don’t know if I can imagine making another film without her.”

A year ago, Sarah Jessica expressed her disappointment about the demise of plans for a third film. It could not be made because Kim was no longer interested in returning to her role as Samantha. He claimed that she had already indicated this a year earlier and that she did not appreciate that the producers of the film, including Sarah Jessica, made it seem as if she had kept everyone on the line. In a British talk show, she said that her former colleague could have taken a nicer approach. She also said, “I never understood what her problem was.”

Last winter things went wrong again between the two. Kim shared messages on Instagram about her missing brother, who later turned out to be deceased. All her SATC colleagues responded with statements of support. At first Kim thanked them for that, later she suddenly posted a nasty message about Sarah Jessica. “Your persistent messages are a painful reminder of how cruel you were and are. Let me be very clear: you are not a family and you are not my girlfriend.”