Sarah Hyland is taking a social media break. The actress declared on Tuesday that she is ready after negative comments about the fundraising for her killed nephew.

On Saturday, the 14-year-old nephew of the Modern Family star died after the car he was in was hit by a drunken driver. Her uncle was injured in the accident. “Please think of my family during this terrible time. And please donate, “wrote Sarah. She sent with the tweet a link to the fundraising where money is collected for the funeral expenses of Trevor and the hospital accounts of his father Bryan.

Many followers reacted in amazement to the request from Sarah to donate, because she herself has a good income. So someone wrote: ‘What a terrible tragedy. But it feels strange that you ask people to give money. People donate 10, 20 or 100 dollars, which is a lot for them. I hope you support them financially because it seems to me that you have more resources than the people who contribute. ‘

On Monday Sarah asked her followers to keep their comments. “You do not know the whole story. And how dare you attack when such a beautiful life has come to an end? ” The next day she said she no longer wanted to be confronted with the comment. “You finally manage. Your terrible, negative, short-sighted words have broken me. Are you satisfied now? I will remain offline for the time being, “says Sarah, who added that later in the week to come back in a video.

Sarah Said in a tweet: You guys finally did it. Your horrible negative ignorant words have broken me. Happy? Staying offline for a while. I have a special announcement and video releasing on Wednesday I believe. So. There’s that.