Sharing joys and sorrows in a series for eleven years creates a bond. Also for Sarah Hyland (29) and Ariel Winter (22). Now that their role as sisters Haley and Alex Dunphy in “Modern Family” is finished, Sarah can’t help looking back on an iconic decade.

“We will always be Dunphy’s and we will always have each other”

Last weekend the very last  Modern Family  shooting day was on the agenda. After filming 250 episodes, the book of the popular hit series is closed and Sarah and Ariel are finished. A great moment for the actress to thank her television sister for the good time.

“I love these people with all my heart. Eleven years together is proof that you and your TV sister will wear the same outfit, brothers and sisters will be made for life, and you will fight for the same professor forever. We will always be Dunphy’s and we’ll always have each other. “