The other day, Sarah Hyland attended the SAG Awards 2020 ceremony. The 29-year-old actress walked the red carpet in an original mini-dress with a floral print and a long train. The actress shared vivid pictures on Instagram, but was faced with unexpected criticism.

“I went too far with tanning,” wrote a tactless subscriber.

Next time, when I find myself in the sun, I will ask him to be softer with me …

– said Highland. It seems that the one who wrote the negative comment did not know that Sarah had just recently returned from a vacation that she spent in hot Mexico.

However, a spectacular tan of the actress is far from the most important thing that worries her fans. Spectators of the “American Family” sounded the alarm: Haley Dunphy, the heroine of Sarah Hyland, suddenly disappeared from the popular show. The girl did not appear in any of the four episodes of the final season, which have already shown on TV.

Perplexed fans directly asked the actress on Twitter why Hayley missed so many episodes. Fans probably thought that Highland’s absence on the set was due to her health problems – since childhood, she suffers from kidney dysplasia.

However, Highland did not confide in subscribers and answered in a humorous manner.

Obviously, I was very busy taking care of the twins,

She wrote. Recall that Haley Dunphy in the tenth season immediately had two babies.