After the successful Birdbox (2018), Sandra Bullock will again play a role in a Netflix thriller, reports Deadline .

The still nameless thriller is based on Unforgiven , a British mini series from 2009. The script from Unforgiven is written by Christopher McQuarrie, known as director of the Mission: Impossible films.

The story is about a young woman who is in jail because she killed two police officers. When she is released after 15 years, she goes looking for her younger sister.

The direction is done by the German Nora Fingscheidt. Her debut film, Systemsprenger , will be the German entry for the Oscars in 2020.

In 2018, Bullock played the lead role in the Netflix thriller Birdbox. That film was a great success; four weeks after the movie was released, it had been viewed eighty million times worldwide.