The South Korean company Samsung announced the release of a wireless charger for smartphones with the function of sterilizing the gadget, the July 7 edition of The Verge reported .

The company claims that in 10 minutes the sterilizer with the help of ultraviolet radiation can destroy up to 99% of bacteria from the surface of the device placed there.

Demand for an appropriate device is dictated by the situation with coronavirus in the world, the company said in a statement. However, it is not specified whether it is effective in combating coronavirus infection.

July 1, it became known that in Bahrain they are testing a robot that can destroy the coronavirus and other microorganisms in the room. Influence on the virus occurs with the help of short-wave ultraviolet radiation.

Earlier, scientists from the National Laboratory of Infectious Diseases (NIEDL) of Boston University found that ultraviolet radiation from special lamps can quickly destroy the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus . When the dosage was increased to 22 megajoules per 2 cm, the virus disappeared completely in 25 seconds.